Save an Addict... Help a Family!

We all dream of a healthy, vibrant, safe society for ourselves and our future generations. But there are several problems hampering such a dream and it is up to us to identify these problems and take constructive steps for removing them.

Drug and alcohol is one such menace that has a devastating effect on the abusers' mind and body. It can, in extreme cases, make its victims unstable, illogical and violent. Victims of substance abuse are desperately in need of help and more often than not, they do not even realize it.

Often, the few who do come in for treatment, cannot afford it. We entertain few free beds every year, but this is possible if we get donors for the same.

You can play a role in giving such an individual a new lease of life. Help a victim of substance abuse by sponsoring his treatment at the Ved Vignan Mahavidyapeeth De-addiction and Research Centre.

An appeal:

Addiction to alcohol and drugs is a colossal social malady which hits at the very core of human dignity and freedom. It sweeps across the world with India being no exception.

Realizing the urgent need to address this huge social problem, Ved Vignan Mahavidya Peeth De-addiction and Research Centre (VVMDRC) was setup in Nov'2003 under 'Art of Living Foundation', to fight against the problems of addiction by creating awareness, providing effective treatment and adopting measures against relapse, counseling to substance abusers and their family members, instilling a sense of spirituality in the minds of the addicts and devising means for their social re-integration.

The Rich and Poor equally suffer from the problem of addiction. But it is the "Poor" who suffers the most, because majority of them cannot afford the treatment. With our extensive experience and insights in 18 years of operation, we feel the need to make available free treatment and assistance to such "Poor" patients – whose recovery will help to reunite many families and create a stress-free, violence-free world.

As ours is a non-profit organization, and with the escalation of cost in all aspects of our activities, we are not in a financial position to support the expenses for free treatment.

We request you to sponsor 2 patients for one year, and this support from your end will help in a long way to treat many 'Poor' patients in our society.
(Rs.9,000 x 12months = Rs.1,08,000 -> for one patient).

We look forward for your kind approval of sponsorship.

Cheque / DD to be drawn in favor of 'Drug Rehabilitation Centre - Ved', payable at Kolkata.

80G for income tax benefits can be provided on request.