Extension Care
Extn Care

After a minimum 3 months of in-house de-addiction treatment, patients may be shifted to our Extension Care facility which emphasizes "treatment in the real world", where patient will continue to stay under our supervision with homely surroundings providing a safe and effective environment to control cravings for any drug / alcohol. This After Care program offers an intermediate level of support and eases return home by preparing resources and support networks to nurture a sustainable recovery. This supports and encourages the patient's individual sustainable level of independence, allowing time to integrate new awareness into daily life. Extension Care has been designed to provide compassionate assistance to students, executives, entrepreneurs and other business professionals who are dealing with a broad range of issues associated with addiction.

Patients transferred to this facility are permitted to pursue their individual careers- be it studies, job, business, other professions, etc. Our programme is structured to help the patients in their personal success. The Extension Care offers a solid, practical framework to anchor patients during their transition from treatment to home. With a simple, non-invasive maintenance plan, the success achieved in our program can be a lifelong recovery and provide patients the foundation for a life free from the shame, sadness and frustration caused by addiction. This is a relapse prevention technique which is increasingly used very effectively around the world to help substance abusers maintain their recovery for life. Regular spiritual and other de-addiction sessions are conducted by our trained professionals where the patients are monitored about their daily activities, and intervention methods are used when necessary.

Extension Care components:
Twice weekly or weekly counseling
On-going medical care
Relapse prevention education
Individual and group meditation / yoga, Art of Living courses, daily Satsang, etc.
Participation in sporting or other recreational activities
Transition Planning
Partner or family support
Other supportive information
Each patient's treatment team includes:
Internal Medicine Physician
Addiction Medicine Physician
Primary Counselor
Family Counselor
Spiritual Advisor

Please talk to our experts for their professional opinions at the phone numbers / address provided there.

Ved Vignan Mahavidyapeeth De-Addiction and Research Centre

The Art of Living’s Rehabilitation Centre, VVMDRC, a non-profit organization which inculcates a unique blend of scientific and spiritual approach, was initiated by the leadership of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of The Art of Living organization, with a vision to eradicate addiction (substance abuse, etc) and provide rehabilitation to those already suffering from the disease.

The unique aspect of the therapeutic treatment encompasses a holistic approach. Incorporating mental, physical and spiritual healing as part of its program, it has helped many to come out of their problems and enlivening themselves in all spheres of life including personal, social, professional, etc and rendering them back as productive members of society.