The Package

The treatment package for 3 to 4 months programme on de-addiction and rehabilitation at the Centre provides the following:

Four nutritious meals everyday (essential for de-addiction therapy);
All medicines required for detoxification;
Sessions with highly-experienced psychiatrists;
Guidance from reputed Counselors / Psychologists;
Group and individual counseling sessions on a daily basis;
Counseling of / with family members, and formation of family support groups;
In-house doctors & nurses on 24-hour call;
Trained ward boys for round-the-clock supervision;
Games, Gym & Yogasana Sessions are on daily basis. Guidance is provided for Gym and Yoga;
Pranayam & Sudarshan Kriya® (Conducted by Art of Living teachers).

Special monetary considerations, entirely at the discretion of the committee can be made (for a limited number of beds) for patients with financial constraints.

Recreational facilities available in the centre for the patients:

Games A library with latest magazines, novels, spiritual books, NA/AA literature, general knowledge books, etc.;
Games An in-house wall magazine written every fortnightly by the patients themselves;
Games Games A fully functional multi gym;
Games Indoor games.

After-care facility is also available at the Centre. Please see under the heading Extension Care in the main menu.